Partnerships & Recognitions

We constantly initiate or collaborate on research-based case studies on the latest trend and happenings including environmental challenges, emerging technologies and other system-level problems.

Knowing what we want to become and where we’re going with the technology is crucial for our existence and evolution. By looking into environmental futures, we want to find opportunities to turn negative into positive, and to inspire imaginations and nudge behavioral changes. 

Future Aperture
We position our work as the bridge allowing the audience to access to the speculative futures with addressed issues in a more curated experiences, and extend the interfaces through dimension and time.

We build immersive experiences to bring futures to audiences in mundane public spaces. Meanwhile, we create commercial products
for people to “shop” our future concepts. We aim to build connections with the public to trigger conversations and reflections through multi-senses.

Lecture & Workshop
We like to share our futuring tools with individuals and companies in order to democratiz future to everyone. We believe that we’re all the drivers and stakeholders to the future where we want to be.