Aug 2023 | link

FastCo. Innovation by Design Awards 

Apr 2023 | link

Exhibition at Hyundai Motorstudio

Oct 2022 | link

Invited to the inaugural Dubai Future Forum

Oct 2022 | link

Partner with Space10 for Everyday Experiments: Collaborative Futures

July 2022 | link

Falling Walls Scienct Summit Art and Science Finalist

Mar 2022 | link

Exhibition at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) - Full Circle: Design Without End 

Sep 2021 | link

Lumin Prize Futures Award Shortlist

June 2021 | link

Primer 2021 Talks

June 2021 | link

Econut gains winner honoree in the Core77 Design Awards 2021

May 2021 

Teaching Speculative Design @ GAFA 

Mar 2021 | link

Featured on BioDesigned Issue 6

Mar 2021

NEW INC X Science Sandbox Pitch Day

Oct 2020

Artist Talk at Frog Design

Sep 2020


Super exciting for our coming year @NEWINC under creative science track! Come and stop by when you visit New Museum 👋️

June 2020

Partner with Link Journal

We will have a conversation with Link Journal @linkjournal in their first edition ‘States of Matter’. Stay tuned!

May 2020

New Talents’ Talk at  最毕设 

April 2020

Studio Rebranding

Hey there! We just changed our name from Altereality Studio to 

March 2020 |  link

Featured on Domus

Feb 2020

Workshop at Stanford University

Feb 2020

Featured on CCA website

Jan 2020

Featured on NOW Magazine

Jan 2020

Exhibited at DesignTO 10 Years festival

Jan 2020

Best 100 Design of 2019 by Award360 and featured on Design360 magazine 

Dec 2019

WIRED Creative Hack Award Finalist

Sep 2019

Exhibited at Instititue for the Future (IFTF) 10 Years Foresight Conference

Aug 2019

Artist Talk at IFTF Emerging Media Lab 

Aug 2019

Binary Salon artist panel at Public Works / Midway SF

June 2019

Exhibited at Gray Area Art and Technology Showcase

May 2019

Exhibited and artist talk at Stanford University 

May 2019

Exhibited and artist talk at FoodInno Conference

Apr 2019

Gray Area Art and Technology Artist Salon