RR News

RR News is a recently initiated series of exploratory projects as our rapid response to current social circumstance caused by unexpected events.

The first issue of the RR News is a series of future news featuring possible mundane products, services and social phenomenons emerged in a post-pandemic world as preparation for the future.

We want to be relevant and reflective as designers while continuing our dreaming for the future. The motivation behind is to utilize the power of design to ease fear and anxiety caused by the sudden uncertainty, so that we can quickly adapt ourselves and march towards a preferred future collectively.

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Call for collaborations: The News list keeps going whiling we’re collaborating with designers/artists who are also interested in the post-pandamic topic. The collaborator can take over one piece of the RR News to realize their ideas independently, or the studio could collaborate throughout the process. from ideation to publishing. Contact us

Signage system

Designer: Yangyifan Dong

Designer: Yangyifan Dong

Stumbling through our daily life in pandemic times, we quickly shifted into new routines with different priorities and languages. To get back to our lives and cope with the post-pandemic norms, people all over the world had come up with creative solutions like self-made face masks and social distancing hats. Inspired by these fast and practical efforts, we speculate a growing signage system designed for the post-pandemic life, where public spaces are segregated to “Mask On” and “Mask Free” areas, restaurants sanitary inspection adds a new “Mask Necessary” level rating, indoor spaces need you to check shoes and the 2-feet-long social distancing hat at the door, public libraries providing gloves for touching books, and package delivery have new labels to assure safe contact with their clients. As a part of the public language, signage is one of the fastest ways to instruct and inform and a direct reflection of what had largely changed in our life. Signages generated by special times like this will be incorporated in our collective memory, live with us, and change our behavior subtly over time.

Monetizable Mask

Designer: Ke Ding

While the world is entering a new phase, we imagine a post-pandemic world where a face mask, as an everyday wearable, is becoming a tool and a medium beyond a health precaution.Monetizable Mask is one of the possible futures we are speculating, which looks into how we may advertise, generate income and also exploits individuals in the new world orders. While it may be treated as an alternative opportunity of future advertisement, there might be potential issues too. Will there be intrusions into one's privacy and personal boundary? Does it violate common moral and sacred norms? Will individuals still have full control of their physicality and mentality? We invite the public to think critically about the future where wearing masks becomes an unalternative reality.

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