Hyper Nature

Hyper Nature is a speculative decentralized application that transfers individuals’ simulated energy to a virtual ecology along with algorithm-generated digital plants and animals via eco-friendly NFT. Meanwhile, these simulated energy will be converted to credits being donated to NGOs in partnership for ecological restoration and biodiversity protection as the rewards to individuals’ accumulated eco-friendly activities. It aims to drive sustainable behavioral changes with non-human centered ecological thinking, as well as evoke individual’s social responsibility.
The challange: 
How might we utilize web3.0 to shape the future of sustainability with ecological thinking?

The outcome:
Initiate a decentralized community that has gamified experiences to promote a low-carbon emission lifestyle and combat climate change by encouraging individuals to engage in environmentally-friendly activities.

Hyper Nature evaluates personal behavior data, including transportation, entertainment, and utility payments. For example, people can reduce the corresponding carbon emissions from going out by biking or public transportation. The accumulated saved carbon emission will generate unique NFTs as rewards, which can be collected and traded.

The virtual ecology is populated by digital animals and plants, mirroring the real-world bio-diversities. Individuals can interact with them in various ways, such as talking to them, completing tasks for them, or trading items with them. They can also customize various aspects of their virtual space, such as landscape types, digital creatures, and decorations.