Future of Breathing

Future Breathing, an alternative perspective towards urban pollution, explores how humans interact with the environment. Re-contextualizing the normalcy of scuba diving equipment into everyday human use, these three objects emerged to reveal a unique future lifestyle for Chinese residents living in heavily polluted urban areas. The three distinguish brand feelings ground and locate the products to possible markets and customers for broader resonances.

The inherently strange gestures of using these products make us rethink our relationship with the air today, leading to impactful conversations and cultural reflection. Considering any breathing apparatus as normal behavior is a form of complacency that accepts polluted air as a permanent fact of life. The three products turn the mundane crutches such as dust masks into objects of resistance, loudly proclaiming to the world “No, we will not accept air pollution as our reality or future generations’ reality.” By designing them to be highly fashionable and functional pieces, their use and collective voice carry more clout.

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The challange: Equipe human to live in a high air polluted city

The outcome: 
H&NM: Third-lung mask
Hike: Lung muscle trainer
Issey Mayake: Mental cigarette